Are you committed to evolve and adapt to the environmental and societal changes that are coming ?

We are a team that came together in 2017 around a fundamental challenge: developing the resilience of your structure.

Who is it for ? VSEs, SMEs, large companies, local authorities, institutions and associations.

How will it work ? Through deep understanding of the issues, radical transformation and cooperation.

What are we proposing ?


A series of customizable training conferences for your teams (managers and/or employees), in person or by videoconference, on current environmental and societal issues, the prospect of a systemic collapse, blocking mechanisms and finally levers for action.

+ a REBOUND Workshop for an immediate set in motion


A hybrid, fast and radical support based on strategic and marketing consulting (reason for being), collective intelligence and coaching


Based on your projects (launch or repositioning of products or services, innovations, CSR actions), a multi-disciplinary process of cooperation with all stakeholders including civil society, from 3 to 9 months.

Companies and local governments that have trusted in MoOt Points