MoOt Points & Sorry Children

2 structures for 1 mission : Ecological awarness

From the desire to develop cooperation between citizens and decision makers to MoOt Points, and from the Electroshock conference to Sorry Children

Coming from the corporate world (multinationals and SMEs) and NGOs (Foundation for Nature and Mankind), we created, in 2013, whyboOk, the first independent platform for dialogue between citizens and major decision-makers. Hundreds of questions from citizens and NGOs have been asked and have led to dozens of answers from corporate CEOs and politicians.

Based on the experience with whyboOk and noting the gaps and lack of understanding of environmental issues among our decision makers, we developed the ELECTROSHOCK conference to allow everyone to share the same observation, that of the urgency to act.

It was during the creation of our conference that the idea of an apology generator to give to our children came up. We made it a separate project, carried by a non-profit organization : Sorry Children set online on June, 2018.

The Worst Excuse, a photographic campaign of ecological alert

.In March 2019, the meeting and collaboration with photographer and street artist Josef Helie gives birth to the ecological alert campaign #theworstexcuse in the streets and on social networks, putting in a shifted way each one in front of his responsibilities and inviting to realize and overcome the mechanisms (cognitive, psychological, sociological, etc.) that block our individual and collective actions.

Since the launch, hundreds of "worst excuses" and as many "best actions" have been suggested by committed personalities, artists, scientists, activists, politicians, business leaders... and hundreds of committed citizens photographed during events in which we participated.

Turn excuses into actions, and multiply actions to transform structures

Sorry Children and its #Theworstexcuse campaign challenges us because it questions our individual and collective responsibilities with irony but also proposes many actions to be taken to face the current and future situation. To date, our project has already reached over 3 million people on social networks.

This photo campaign and the conferences we give lead to numerous meetings in all sectors of activity. It is through these meetings that we have gradually refined our second offer, allowing us to continue the impulse given by the ELECTROSHOCK conference and the REBOUND workshop. This second offer, MOLT, is the stage of profound transformation that we propose to our clients in order to become different, by projecting themselves, re-questioning their raison d'être, their economic model, innovating in their working methods and their governance. By evolving, really.

Companies and local governments that have trusted in MoOt Points

Companies and local governments having requested MoOt Points (for Electroshock/Rebound)
Companies and local governments having requested MoOt Points (for Electroshock/Rebound)