MOLT is a hybrid, rapid and radical coaching aimed at developing our clients' resilience.

MOLT is based on strategic consulting, coordination, collective intelligence animation, expertise, analysis and impact measurement.

Resilience to anticipate change and cope with crises

This support is tailor-made according to the activity, the size, the progress and the will to change of our customers, public or private.

Inspired by the living world and the advances in epigenetics, which highlights the influence of the environment in evolution, we have developed a simple, unique and evolutionary methodology, at the end of which our clients are able to continue the resilience process.

In addition to our global and multidisciplinary approach, we can call upon experts from your network (see our experience) according to the specific needs of our clients.

Transforming to anticipate upheaval
Transforming to anticipate upheaval

Provoking increasingly urgent strategic changes

In a pragmatic way, our goal is very simple: to allow you to develop your resilience and your capacity to cooperate with all the actors in order to anticipate and adapt to the ecological and societal upheavals to come.

We are convinced that these changes are still largely underestimated and even very often completely hidden from the strategy and responses of private and public players. The urgency to realize this is matched by the urgency to act in a very strong and rapid way. After the first Electroshock, which strongly alerted us, Molt brings the logical continuation of the process.

Getting to know more

For more information about this process, or to present us your needs, contact us. We will get back to you very quickly.